"...We switched all of our lubrication over to IXL several years ago. The results have been incredible. We feel that since switching to IXL lubricants, our wear and tear on our equipment has been noticeably less, our equipment lasts longer and we spend less money on maintenance…"


B.T. Gallegos, Brigham City, UT


"I have recently tested your oil additive in three of my racecars. It has made a complete difference in the temperature of the engine, transmission and differential during the race…"


Stanley Webster


"In the summer of 1997 we rebuilt the complete gearbox and added IXL to the synthetic gear oil. The operating temperature dropped another four degrees… The power steering pump on one of our trucks was leaking about two liters of oil per day through some hardened seals. A few once of IXL reduced the oil consumption to about one-quarter of a liter per day…"


PIT King LTD, Alma Ontario


"...Within ten minutes after adding IXL the internal air temperature dropped 20 degrees and our problems were over…"


Flowers Baking Co., Fresno CA


"...Thanks for keeping us going when everything else fails…"


Richard A.


"…We started using IXL in our gear boxes, differentials, transfer case and automatic transmissions. It has raised our MPG in all delivery trucks and our down time has decreased by 100%…"


Globe Seed & Feed Company, Twin Falls, ID 


"…I added IXL to y 91 GMC 4x4 pickup and the performance of the pickup has improved greatly. I get better gas mileage and the standard transmission shifts more smoothly…"


Keegan, Inc., Twin Falls, ID


"…I want to thank you for IXL and know it has reduced our operating costs and down time. Our overall performances have been enhanced by using IXL and I would recommend it to others…"


Overhead Door Company of Southwestern Idaho, Inc., Twin Falls, ID


"…After replacing the oil pump it went on a 600km pickup-delivery. The oil pressure dropped to 0 after approximately 100km. Thinking it was the gage or sensor since the engine was running fine we didn't check the problem until it had 1000km on it. To our shock it had no oil pressure. The new oil pump was defective. Needless to say, if it hadn't been for the IXL additive we would have had to replace the engine or the vehicle…"


Florence Mill Products, Florence, Ontario, Canada


"…My customer was very happy because we managed to take motors that we failing in six month intervals and extended the life of them to an excess of 3 years…"


Regency Refrigeration LTD, Edmonton, Alberta  


"…The truck averaged 10 miles per gal. and the driver was experiencing some difficulty in shifting… I serviced the truck completely using the product in the engine, the transmission and the differential. Now the truck is getting 14mpg and the driver can shift the transmission with ease…"


The Groundskeeper, Tucson, AZ


"...1 year ago we were using Chevron 2-cycle oil but we are now using IXL Proline Oil. We have noticed a big change in our equipment; less down time, more power, tune ups are cut in half, etc. Also the 20 Toro mowers we have are running a lot better thanks to IXL Proline Oil. I recommend this oil to anyone who has any 2-cycle engines..."


The Groundskeeper, Tucson, AZ


"...Fellow racers often wonder why our engines stand up so well. We tell them of IXL and many say it must be crazy luck. We know better!..."


Country Auto Clinic


"...I feel a lot better about the transmission and also the differentials, because they do not get over 150 degrees. They ran between 200 and 225 degrees before the IXL was added. I think this a great product. I am going to start using it in my engine. Thanks for a wonderful product..."


Ambassador Manufacturing, Saint David, AZ


"...After adding IXL to all the vehicles fluids, the mileage went up to 16 to 18 mpg and the temperature dropped to 180 degrees. I have also used IXL in my 1991 Kawasaki KX 500...under extreme heat conditions the motorcycle does not lean out, which means the motorcycle is running cooler. Thank you for a fantastic product!..."


Dana K. Filer, Idaho


"...I have been a user of IXL for over 11 years...My brother is a mechanic with GM is amazed how well it runs...If you really care about your automobile, lawn tractor, etc and want to save money. Take care of them with regular maintenance along with IXL. Thank you for this great product..."




"...Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I believe in your product because I had a Honda Civic that I bought new and kept for 11 years in the 80s and put 367000 miles on and I believe the car lasted that long in part because of your product. Now I have a Nissan Sentra with 210000 miles and again I hope to keep this one that long or even longer...Thank you..."




"...I started using IXL in my 2003 Dodge diesel in the engine, tranny, rear end and power steering. I get 14.5 miles per Canadian gallon pulling a 31.5 trailer going thru mountains mid USA never had a problem with tranny or engine. Great stuff..."


Ron, Ontario, Canada


"...IXL has performed wonderfully for the past 2 years. Also we use it in all our farm equipment, chipper, shredder, lawn mower and etc. We're thrilled with the performance of IXL and are extremely happy with the way it works..."


Robert S.


"...everything that I own with an engine has this product in it, and yes it even makes a difference in the law(n) mower, which is now 7 years old and has to mow a full acre of grass once (a) week. I have recommended this product to all of my friends and family..."

Phil, Ogden, UT


"...I tried the product and to my amazement, I got exactly what he said. My gas mileage improved by three mpg, I got about 2 more HP; and the roughness of the head job went away...My friend's radiator leak mysteriously went away after 2 ounces in the radiator. Performance of a 1983 Ford Bronco improved; an 1989 Jaguar XJ6 ran smoother; a race car driver friend tried some and the Dyno shoed his E30 race car to get 4HP more...the list goes on. Ixl is an amazing product..."




"...I had an old Cockshutt tractor and the tranny would run so hot you couldn't put your feet on the plate covering it. After adding the required amount of IXL (it) stayed cool...My 6ft Toro Lawn Mower also runs cooler and without trouble after adding IXL. I never want to be without it. It saves time, trouble, and money..."


Mike P.


"...I have had a definite increase in fuel mileage, with as much as a 15% increase. I have also noticed that the differentials seem to run smoother since adding the oil additive. While on one recent trip my turbo went out, and sucked all the oil out of my motor, yet no damage seems to have occurred as a result of no oil. I personally have experienced a definite savings, and peace of mind as a result of the IXL products..."


Michael S. Logan, UT


"...I started using (IXL) in a commercial zero turn lawn mower. Still have that mower, no repairs and am very satisfied with this product. Would highly recommend it for all engines etc. Thank you for a good product..."


Lora C


"...I just used the IXL grease on all my bearings on my $7k racing bicycle and I never felt anything ride so smooth in all my years of cycling. I'm a converted IXL user from now on..."


John, Roy, UT


"...After repairing the leak he started the engine and called me immediately, "I'll be damned, it is running perfectly and there is no damage to the engine!" I then told him about IXL and gave him some for his own vehicles... we still have the vehicle running strong 1 year later. Thanks again for a wonderful product, it has paid for itself many times over..."


Ernest K, Asheville, NC


"...Thank you IXL I don't want to lose my wagons they don't make them anymore and frankly they don't make anything I want to drive or ride in. I hope my Roadmasters last forever..."


Doris, IA


"...I bought some IXL oil treatment and used it (until) I retired the pickup with 468000 mi. I then bought a 1999 Dodge Ram (with) 68000 and used IXL in it and now have almost 300000mi on it and have not touched the engines on either of the pickups..."



"...IXL is the best synthetic oil I have ever used, and I trust in its ability to lubricate any motor for years of trouble free performance..."


Hyrum Tire, Hyrum, UT


"...I've been using this product for at least 15 years. I've come to find out that by using IXL we have had great results in engines lasting up to twice as long as they did when we did not use it..."


Alven G. Orient, SD